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Food Safety Disclaimer

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It is the responsibility of the reader to review all listed ingredients in a recipe before cooking to ensure that none of the ingredients may cause a potential adverse reaction to anyone eating the food based on recipes/ingredients found on this site.

Recipe Disclaimer

Rooted Fresh is not responsible for the outcome of any website found on our website. Several factors can change the outcome of recipes (ingredients, equipment, persons ability to cook/bake, errors/typos, weather, altitude brands, ect).

I try the best to make these recipes as easy as possible to read and thorough as possible, however things do happen! Cooking is like anything, the more you cook the more little tricks you learn and sometimes things just don’t turn out for all different reasons, makes me so sad but it is what it is!

Time Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that everyone is at different levels of cutting, prepping, cooking ect so this is a good average that is given.

Also, ovens (gas, electric, convection, ect) can all cook at different speeds, ect so this can also effect the time/outcome of your recipe!

Product Recommendation Disclaimer

Please be aware that everyone’s skin in different and personal to each person. Therefore different products are going to work for different people. Please read ingredients thoroughly to ensure there is nothing that you are allergic to in any product.

Rooted Fresh is not responsible for any adverse reactions, injuries, ect that may come from any products recommended.

Opinion Disclaimer

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